"Only the Lost"

Everyone deserves a hidden village

This brand was started with an idea and a desire to be and stand for something different. There had to be a way to make meaningful items without sacrificing on quality, ethics, or impact.

It wasn't done alone. It took a Village.

The last phase of this mission is to take 10% from each drop to create actionable impact in local communities.

We will be that home. Everyone deserves a Hidden Village.

the village hexagon

A Torii, marker of a sacred space, guards the soul.

A hexagon, with its geometric strength, offfers a layer of protection.

Two E’s without the vertical line, across two cultures, create the number 3— together they construct 6 points of the Village Hexagon.

Guard your space with an unbreakable barrier. Enter to safety. The Village is Hidden. Only the Lost may find it.

corners of the village hexagon

1. Love

2. Pain

3. Loyalty

4. Truth

5. Resilience

6. Intention