the paradox

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Heavenly Father, give us your tears

It's been centuries since we've faced our fears

Eternally lonely 

Eternally hungry

The Devil lives among us and he's covered in honey

Like flies we congregate

Harder to be free than to live as slaves 

The paradox of life

We Die as we Live

Tormented souls until we learn to give 

Muffled screams in a straightjacket

Deafened sounds of thunder 

Our cries can't be heard

We've buried ourselves under

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I’m full of love, I’m full of hate

Full of everything it seems that fate

Had planned for me, before I could choose my own

A locked room inside a broken home

Alone, a 5 letter word lived 365 days

Could this be just another phase?

If so, how long does this last?

Can your future outrun your past?

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Death came knocking at my door

I told it to wait outside

As I looked around

There was no where to hide

I greeted Death with a grin

And whispered in their ear

Afraid I am not my friend

For I have Faith over Fear

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A champion of the Misunderstood

Alone He sits

Gutsy is his Will

Serpentine is his Mentality

Loneliness inevitable

When you are the One

Celebrated by All

Understood by None

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